What am I even doing entering the blogosphere?

I lack an invisible elephant.  At least, if I have one, I have never seen it.  That invisible elephant is called sexual attraction.  I do not experience sexual attraction to others.  To the best of my knowledge, I never have.  I am asexual.

It is very difficult for me to say “I am asexual.”  More difficult, perhaps, than it is for most, but perhaps easier than it is for others.  Why is this?

I am a sexually active asexual.

Even worse, I enjoy sex.  And I seek it out.

It was very hard for me to come to terms with this, to be able to say “I am asexual.”  I was afraid that I would make the asexual community look like a joke.  Some asexuals informed me that I couldn’t be asexual and still LOVE sex. That people would think that I was making a mockery of their identity.  I know all too well the search for an identity and the pain of having people hurt you for it.  I did not want to cause anyone hurt.

My desire not to hurt anyone did not change what I was, though.  An asexual who is happy in sexual relationships.

This leaves people with questions.  How can I do this?  How can I be this THING?

I am what I am would be the cop out answer.  This blog is for me to examine this thing that I am and, hopefully, give answers to those who might be questioning what the THING is that they are.

Hopefully, someone is reading this and can relate.  To you I say, hello, my fellow carnal asexual.

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